We didn’t just break;
We shattered.

Smashed irreparably into fragments.

I cannot conceive that time will grind
The shards of us to sand.

Don’t sweat the big stuff

Don’t sweat the big stuff.
It’s probably fine and you’re doing fine.
You’re probably doing better than fine.
You’re probably doing great.
Even if it doesn’t feel fine–
It’s fine.
Don’t sweat the big stuff.
Don’t sweat the small stuff either.
But the big stuff?–
No, definitely don’t sweat that.

Bear fight

Bear fightI had a spot of bother and was challenged to a fight.
My bear-friend said he’d help me like a brave Arthurian knight.
I thought he’d be an ally with his teeth and claws so scary!
Alas, in actuality, the situation got quite hairy.


Fox in a box

Fox in a boxWhen I was walking home one day I saw a little fox,
His pointed nose protruding as he rummaged in a box.
He had a twinkle in his eye, for that I named him Sparky.
But the moment that I turned my back, he ran off with my car keys.