Ideas that rhyme are probably the best ideas.
Is there any concept too complex to be expressed in rhyming couplets?

The universe is very large.
We’re still not sure who’s in charge.

I love you a lot but it hurts a lot too;
The pain is worth it for the pleasure of you.

If you want a pet rabbit you have to buy two
Because they get lonely despite living with you.

I don’t know if there’s a god that lives in the sky
But it’s good to be good– search for how, not for why.

Some lives are long and for some the time flies
Any which way, everyone dies.

Money is important but it’s not the main thing.
Pennies buy independence but greed is a sin.

When building a building best to start from the ground.
The roof goes on top and the walls go around.

If you need any more advice, just let me know.

Fox in a box

Fox in a boxWhen I was walking home one day I saw a little fox,
His pointed nose protruding as he rummaged in a box.
He had a twinkle in his eye, for that I named him Sparky.
But the moment that I turned my back, he ran off with my car keys.


Painful love

I’ve always looked for painful love;
I thought it had to hurt.
I know now that I’ve been mislead
By the loves I’ve loved and learnt.
It’s in the way you look at me;
It’s easeful in your eyes.
Even when it’s not said easily
I feel the words inside.
It comforts like a blanket
But it challenges me too.
It’s not easy learning love again,
But it’s easy loving you.




I always was a poet

I always was a poet but I think that I forgot.
I’d overlooked to celebrate the rhyme in every thought.
I’d assumed that words escaped me but that just wasn’t the case;
I’d accidentally kept them captive, kept them in some quiet place.
Now I’m poeting my poe-hims, and my poe-hers, and poe-theys,
And the more I seem to poet, the more poems come my way.
Now I simply stagger, stumble, onto lines and onto verse.
Now the issue’s not the writing but that I need to learn more words.



I want for you to want me in the way that I want you.
I am overwhelmed with wanting;
I am wistful, wearied, blue.
When I want you, which is always,
All my wishes wish for you.
Without you I am weakened,
Once I’m with you I’m renewed.
I never wished to want you
But, wantonly, I do.
Wantfully and woefully,
I wield my want for you.
I am wounded by this wanting;
But this wanting’s all I do.
Wishfully, I wonder
Whether your wants want me too.
I want for you to want me in the way that I want you.
I’ll withhold my words no longer. Without waver, this is true.


Writing poems

It’s easy to write poems if you just start with a word
And then you add some others in– a second and a third.
But when you reach the fourth one, it can be a frantic time
Because your lines start ending so you need find a rhyme.
However, you can use a cheat if you encounter trouble–
A half-rhyme can be close enough for when you really struggle.
There are a lot of tactics for when you’re feeling diligent:
You can focus on each syllable, the assonance, the sibilance.
The main thing that’s important is to find a way to write
And make yourself stop worrying about what’s wrong and right.