Domestic bliss marked by the metronome of a dripping tap;
Love letters etched in the limescale of our kitchen sink.
Mess mounts all around us.

Let me live in your pocket

I want to be your pocket monster
So I can Pikachu.
To be your girl with Charmander
Heart beating close to you.

Put me in your shirt Kakuna
And free my life of Gloom.
You’re magic like Abra Kadabra
So I don’t need much room.

E-Raticate all of my Fearow—
You know that you’re Machamp.
We are the perfect Duduo:
A rascal and a scamp.

So please don’t Growlithe you get angry;
Subdue your Poliwrath.
But if you can’t, you’re still not Ghastly—
You always make me laugh.

You might have moments when you’re Krabby
And maybe so do I…
But even if I’m a Weedle cranky
I still think you’re divine.

At best I know it might sound Oddish
But life can’t Tauros apart
Because a world without your kisses
Would simply break my heart.

I’d really hate for me Jynx this;
I know it sounds Farfetch’d.
Let’s Rapidash or be Slowpokes,
Whatever you think’s best.

Just be brave and take a Chansey—
I promise I’ll be true.
Staryu, Starme, let’s be star-we
And let’s make Mew Mewtwo.

It’s not that tricky to de-Scyther
And I won’t Raichu code.
The only thing I want from life? A
Tiny pocket abode.