I feel so intensely
The fatal unfurling of each cardiac fibre;
The snap and recoil of too-taut sinews.
The excruciating pain of an impalpable wound.

Other girls

He told me I was different
To all those other girls.
I was smarter, funnier,
Prettier and witter
Unlike all those other girls.

Unlike all those other girls,
I was stronger, less hysterical,
More logical, more rational.
I had a male brain.
Unlike all those other girls.

And, like those other girls,
It broke my heart to think
That he’d had all those other girls.
That he had such a low opinion
Of those other girls;
Those nameless girls
With no defining features.
Unremarkable girls.
Other girls.

And I realised that, after a life
Spent wishing to be more like other girls,
I’d rather be another girl
With his long line of other girls.