About Bad Poetry Saba

Bad Poetry Saba was founded on 25th December 2018.

Why Bad Poetry? 

To clarify, the concept of “Bad Poetry” isn’t to write low quality content. Its purpose is to alleviate some of the pressure of facing a blank page (or screen).

I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry, but it’s something I’d struggled to pursue as an adult.
By accepting that it’s okay necessary to write poems that aren’t perfect first time, Bad Poetry Saba has enabled me overcome an eight-year writers’ block.

You can read more about that Bad Poetry Concept here.

What’s in it for you?

On this site, I regularly post 25-word poems, as well as longer poems too. I occasionally write blog posts sharing my personal experience and advice for writing.

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Nice to meet you!

I hope you enjoy exploring my site and my work.
Thanks for being part of my world. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch– it would be great to hear from you.