Missing trains

I hoped she’d miss her train.
She ran faster than me.
She cared more than me.
She was lighter;
Sprinted up station stairs
Two at a time,
Flying in faith and hope.
I, behind her,
Dragged myself uphill.
Clung to the handrail.
Stood stationary
As steps moved beneath me.
Watched her get further away.
As that distance grew,
I became smaller.
She was not aware.
She was never aware of me;
Never stopping to look back.
Her dark hair streaked
Behind her in the air.
Every moment suspended;
Hanging from the invisible,
Undeniable, threads of her
Momentum in the air.
Bright trails of ribbon
In a forest of bodies
That were not her;
Obscuring her from me.
I lost her.
And I stood still.
Content in my acceptance;
Relinquished control.
Knowing I would miss this one.
I hoped she’d missed her train.
When I got to the platform
She was not there.


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